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The places where cutting edge technologies and new medical discoveries have the most power in recruiting the best and the brightest medical personnel. If HMOs control significant amounts of patient volume, the competitive impact will concentrate on health care system costs.

Therefore, the mission and goals and the financial support institutions have, allow them to attract the best medical doctors, nurses, support staff, acquire the most updated and the newest equipment and technology and attract patients. Competition generally eliminates inefficiencies that would otherwise yield high production costs, which are ultimately transferred to patients via high health service and delivery costs.

The model is discussed in the light of propositions for empirical research. However, Jacobs reported that product quality is a major element of health care. Two additional parameters that need to be considered when measuring competition are the extent of integration between firms, and the role of managed care Baker, In order to examine the relationship between competition and other variables within a health care organization entity e.

This can be viewed as differences in the quality of the policies, which yields differences in the quality of services.

In other words, competition ensures the provision of better products and services to satisfy the needs of customers This paper aims to develop a model that can be used to empirically investigate a number of complex issues and relationships associated with competition in the health care industry.

Practical implications Empirical studies based on the model proposed in this paper should help identify areas with significant impact on patient satisfaction while maintaining high quality of service at lower costs in a competitive environment.

For research purposes, the satisfaction construct may be used in two ways. Competition has resulted in lower hospital costs and health care premiums, with premium reductions up to 10 percent Enthoven and Vorhaus, In the contrast model, the patients enter the situation with expectations, and the perceived difference between expectation and experience offers net satisfaction in simple encounters.

In order to lower prices, hospitals had to become more cost-efficient. As a result, expensive and sophisticated equipment and services were freely added in attempt to attract physicians and therefore, patients. In the health care literature, empirical studies on competition use the HHI as the measure of market concentration Joskow, ; Noether, ; Farley, ; Zwanziger and Melnick, ; Hadley and Swartz, ; Melnick et al.

In the world of health care, organizations must consider physician migration and physician shortages in recruiting the best and brightest health care providers. In this market, price becomes an important factor in acquiring managed care contracts and retaining a patient base, thus, providers are forced to become price-sensitive.

This research attempts to provide direction for the advancement of knowledge and practice in the field based on a number of considerations: However, Reinhardt reported that competition could not enhance efficiency in the health care industry because public and private insurance companies were paying for three-quarters of the health care bills.

Therefore, we make the following propositions: Introduction Within the health care industry, competition impacts several relational perspectives; with numerous studies reporting the impact of increased competition. As hospitals actively engage in competition, the quality of care increases.

This, in turn, lowers patient satisfaction levels Ware et al. There is a concomitant increase in competition as the number of firms increase. Patients must make a decision and unfortunately sacrifice one for the other. Insurance plans also compete for cost to payers, quality of provider networks, credentialing screening, and quality assessment procedures.

These studies show that competition is capable of increasing value for customers over time. In the health care industry, high technology services tend to attract customers. The more services a health care organization offers, the more competitive it will be for exclusive contracts with employers and other third party payers.

Measuring satisfaction also serves as an important tool for quality audit and improvement in all types of health care organizations. The model depicts patient satisfaction as an outcome measure directly dependent on competition.Competition, strategic mission and patient satisfaction A significant element of the model is the organization’s strategic mission and goals.

The mission or goal of an organization provides a general direction regarding quality of health and costs that reflects the overall organizational internal environment.

Strategic Analysis Of Starbucks Corporation 1) Introduction: Starbucks also forms a highly important part of the suppliers business, due its size and scope, which make the power of the suppliers lower.

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Acknowledgments This workbook was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Part I: Developing Your Evaluation Plan. As part of our company’s new strategic plan, which as research shows directly ties to higher performance levels.

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Hhi strategic plan part 3 essay
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